Our emotional environment enables children to grow, develop and reach their full potential with opportunities to explore and take appropriate risks, enabling children to try out new skills and increase their knowledge and understanding of the world around them with the security of a key person who will be with them every step of the way.

In our Sunshine Room children’s earliest experiences shape how their brains develop, which in turn determines future health and wellbeing. Very young children need the secure and consistent relationships with experienced key practitioners in order to thrive, learn and adapt to their surroundings. Children’s individual needs are supported as they begin to explore through sensory experiences as well as the environment being rich in resources and language. There are two play areas, nappy changing room and a sleep room specifically for our young babies.

Our Rainbow Room supports our toddlers who are moving around and becoming aware of themselves and their surroundings. Practitioners will encourage this free play approach whilst engaging with them in their play, role modelling and providing good language experiences for them to ask questions and make choices. The Rainbow Room has two large playrooms, its own toilets and nappy changing facility as well as a balcony and access to the large garden.

The Busy Bee Room (3+ years) offers children the opportunity to have freedom of movement in an inventive and imaginative play space. All resources are freely accessible so children can make choices about their play and how this develops. Practitioners use key group times to support children’s learning whilst friendships are formed and nurtured. The playrooms have access out on to our large garden and children can choose to spend their learning time outside or in.

Come rain or shine, we love the outdoors and use our fantastic range of outdoor facilities throughout the year. Children enjoy watching the changing seasons, witnessing this first hand and learning about them through outdoor play whatever their age. We have a large enclosed allotment area where children grow their own vegetables, herbs and flowers, together with a secret wild garden where children can explore a wealth of living things.