We recognise that every family is unique so equality and diversity infuse the nursery as we are a family where everyone belongs; children with special needs enrich nursery life for children, practitioners and other parents.

Parents and adults working with the children regard each other as partners in the children’s education and we all understand the importance of building a trusting, confident relationship with parents from the very first day. The nursery operates an ‘open-door’ policy with regard to discussing any concerns with parents and we are committed to working together to resolve any problems or worries about a child at the setting.

Regular opportunities for formal and informal discussions about your child and his or her progress are offered. Your child’s “key person” is always available for a chat and your child’s Learning Journey is available for you to look at any time and is sent home at regular intervals.  We rely on parents to keep us updated on their child’s progress at home and concerning any changes to routine, diet and general health and well-being and strongly believe that the more information shared between us regarding the child’s learning leads to improved outcomes for the children We really listen to and value what parents say. We welcome any feedback you can give us to ensure we are continuously striving to improve.

Regularly parents are invited into the setting to take part in activities or to share their knowledge on a particular subject. We invite parents to contribute to our menus, complete questionnaires about our practices, and where possible come on outings with us. We understand many parents are working or have responsibilities outside of the setting therefore opportunities are provided to get involved through emailing us any ideas and suggestions.